Aired: April 26, 2014

A Jealous Kind of Love

Image via Flickr user Panayotis
Image via Flickr user Panayotis

When it comes to love, jealousy is sometimes thought of as “natural” or even desirable. But a recent survey led by Mindy Erchull (University of Mary Washington) suggests that women who see jealousy as a positive thing may be more likely to find themselves in abusive relationships. Also: Tragedies like the Newtown shootings dominate the debate over gun ownership. But in an average year, suicides outnumber homicides by 3 to 1 and most are by firearm. Alex Tabarrok and Justin Briggs (George Mason University) say a causal relationship is clear: more gun ownership means more suicides.

Later in the show: Michael Jones McKean (Virginia Commonwealth University) is an artist whose work is a simple, but phenomenal visual event: he creates rainbows that can arc up to 400 feet in height. For over two weeks, his rainbows in downtown Omaha, Nebraska could be seen from a thousand feet away. Also featured: If you’ve ever watched a bee dance near a flower patch, you’ve probably seen an element of “bee democracy.” Christian Gromoll (University of Virginia) says from collecting nectar to choosing a new home, bees follow an intelligent set of rules that keep the colony in tact.

  • A Jealous Kind of Love – web extra

    parulIn her TED Talk, Parul Sehgal entertains while explaining how jealousy is not so different from a quest for knowledge.

  • Guns and suicide feature

    The gun control debate often centers around homicides and the fear of someone else with a gun.  However, attention is rarely paid to the link between gun ownership and suicides.  Allison Quantz reports on a new study out of George Mason University that says more guns equal more suicides.


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