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The Science of Natural Gas

Andres Clarens (University of Virginia)

Across the nation, natural gas production has been ramping up. How do we balance environmental concerns and the public good? We break down the science of natural gas, pipelines, and how we make electricity with environmental engineer Andres Clarens.

15 mins

What Railroads Can Teach Us About Pipelines

Jaime Allison (Christopher Newport University)

Jaime Allison says that energy development has been controversial in the United States for over a hundred years. He argues that we can better understand pipelines by looking back to the early days of railroads.

13 mins

The Trade-offs We Make

Sarah Stafford (College of William and Mary)

Economist Sarah Stafford argues that pipelines require people to weigh environmental costs and economic benefits, and the results aren’t always what you’d expect.

11 mins

Union Hill vs The Compressor Station

Travis Williams (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Sociologist Travis Williams takes us to Union Hill, a historically African American community in Buckingham County, Virginia, where a natural gas compressor station is being planned. Williams sees the Union Hill controversy as one example of how environmental hazards have disproportionately impacted African Americans.

14 mins

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