Airing: October 20, 2018

Coming Up: Infrastructures of Power

A gas pipeline being built. Credit: National Parks Conservation Association.

Across the nation, natural gas production has been ramping up. In many communities, this has meant new pipelines, new promises, and new protests. How do we balance environmental concerns with the public good? Jaime Allison (Christopher Newport University) says that energy development has been controversial in the United States for over a hundred years. Economist Sarah Stafford (College of William and Mary) argues pipelines require people to weigh environmental costs and economic benefits, and the results aren’t always what you’d expect. Plus: How do natural gas pipelines work? Are they safe? Do we need natural gas? We break down the science with Andres Clarens (University of Virginia).

Later in the show: The United States isn’t the only place where pipeline development has been controversial. Mary Finley-Brook (University of Richmond) and Patrick Bond (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa) compare and contrast environmental justice in Virginia and in South Africa.


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