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A Virtual Campus for a Virtual World

Lisa Heuvel (Christopher Newport University) and Jan Dougherty (Christopher Newport University)

A lot of parents are tired of telling their kids to put down the video games, and pick up the textbooks. But now, video games are part of school. Lisa Heuvel says that Minecraft creates a unique opportunity for practicing effective teamwork. And IT specialist Jan Dougherty says that through games, students begin dealing with complex topics without even realizing it.

28 mins

Keep It Movin’

James Thomas (Virginia Commonwealth University)

A lot of people avoid exercising the parts that ache as they age. But James Thomas says that’s the worst thing you could do. He’s working with a team at VCU’s Motor Lab to create virtual reality games that move people beyond their fear of movement, and into feeling better.

11 mins

What Makes A Good Game?

Jacob Enfield (George Mason University)

Jacob Enfield says that not all games are created equally. Without a real challenge, he says, educational games can be rather useless.

13 mins

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