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Immunity Gardens

Lilia Fuquen (Virginia Humanities Food and Community Program)

People across the nation are buying seeds to start gardens. From six feet away, of course. Lilia Fuquen is collaborating with organizations to bring people “immunity gardens.” 

12 mins

Back to the Land. Again.

Jinny Turman (University of Virginia College at Wise)

Jinny Turman tells us about the 70s back-to-the-land movement, and how the fallout of COVID-19 could lead to another movement.

16 mins

Making Ends Meet

Susan Coombes (Virginia Commonwealth University)

The 2008 recession transformed work and money for many Americans. When COVID-19 hit, millions of Americans lost those jobs. Susan Coombes studied the gig economy’s creation. Now, she’s adapting to the gig economy’s newfound power and uncertain future as she hesitates to order from Instacart while they strike for personal protective equipment.

11 mins

Jobless and Hopeless

Victor Tan Chen (Virginia Commonwealth University)

During this unsettling time, Victor Tan Chen discusses joblessness after the last economic downturn, finding lessons for today as we enter even more uncertain times.

13 mins

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