Aired: November 17, 2012

Impact of Brain Injury on Relationships

Topics: Health


The aftermath of traumatic brain injury can devastate a couple, because the caregiving partner must forge a relationship with someone who has changed dramatically and the injured partner must learn that they are indeed changed. Psychologists Jeffrey Kreutzer and Emilie Godwin (Virginia Commonwealth University) are among the few therapists in the country who are focused on developing marriage-counseling techniques tailored to couples coping with brain injuries. Also featured: After a promising clinical trial using focused ultrasound as a treatment for people with essential tremor, Jeff Elias (University of Virginia) is launching a new study using the scalpel-free technology in reducing the tremor related to Parkinson’s disease. The FDA-approved trial is expected to enroll 30 subjects with Parkinson’s disease. Focused sound waves will target a small area deep in the brain, replacing any need to cut into the skull.


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