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The Newcomers

David Bearinger (Virginia Humanities)

A new exhibit called New Virginians: 1619-2019 & Beyond opened in December at The Library of Virginia featuring oral histories and photographs recorded by Pat Jarrett (Virginia Humanities). Immigrants from Central and South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Republics were chosen to share their stories. David Bearinger (Virginia Humanities) introduces excerpts from the interviews which show the complexity of the immigrant and refugee experience, both for the individuals and families who have lived and are living it.

28 mins

Sisters of Mercy

Maureen Fitzgerald (William & Mary)

The contributions that Irish nuns made to help destitute immigrant Catholic children in New York City were instrumental in developing modern American social institutions like foster care and welfare. Before the nuns aided these children, they were being sent to live with Protestant families, often never seeing their parents again. Maureen Fitzgerald speaks about what lessons can be learnt from the Irish immigrant experience.

15 mins

Deportable Labor

Cindy Hahamovitch (University of Georgia)

Cindy Hahamovitch compares the history and experience of guest workers in the United States to other countries.

9 mins

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