Aired: May 9, 2015

Imagining Yoko Ono

Via Flickr user ge'shmally

  • Imagining Yoko Ono (14 min.)

    With: Kevin Concannon, Virginia Tech

    Yoko Ono is best known for her marriage to John Lennon and was vilified by the press in the 1960s for her perceived role in the breakup of the Beatles. But she was an accomplished and innovative artist long before she met Lennon.

  • Children of Paradise (13 min.)

    With: Fred D’Aguiar, Virginia Tech

    A new novel tells the story of a mother and daughter caught up in the tragic Jonestown mass suicide of 1978.

  • Driving through the Heart of America (11 min.)

    With: Michael Lund, Longwood University

    Americans have been getting their kicks from Route 66 since John Steinbeck labeled it “The Mother Road” in The Grapes of Wrath. Lund is fascinated by the nostalgic small town life found along “America’s Main Street.” He is the author of a series of Route 66 novels.

  • Reading Kerouac Today (11 min.)

    With: Gordon Ball, Virginia Military Institute

    Jack Kerouac wrote about his travels along Route 66 in On the Road, the novel that made him a literary success. What’s the book’s relevance sixty years after its publication?

  • Yoko Before and After John

    A recent exhibit at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke showcased the work of Yoko Ono and John Lennon.  Lilia Fuquen reports that Ono is still promoting peace through her art.

    Yoko Ono was an accomplished and innovative artist long before she met Lennon. Listen to Imagining Yoko Ono to learn more.

  • All You Need Is Love

    NPG x131955; Yoko Ono; John Lennon by Tom BlauWhile we were doing research for our show Imagining Yoko Ono we came across this  Animated audio of Lennon and Ono, taken from a conversation with journalist Howard Smith in 1969.




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