Aired: April 5, 2019

I, Peacekeeper Robot

An image of a small robot toy on a sidewalk. Image credit: Victory Of The People / Flickr. Licensed by CC by 2.0.

  • In Robots We Trust? (13 min.)

    With: James Bliss (Old Dominion University)

    As robots become ubiquitous, will humans trust or fear them? James Bliss is studying how people might interact with robots that act as military peacekeepers.

  • Brave New Atmosphere (15 min.)

    With: Scott England (Virginia Tech)

    The near-Earth edge of space, where astronauts and low-orbiting spacecraft fly, is far from empty. Scott England is part of a team that won an award for discoveries on Mars.  Now he’s leading a new NASA mission to explore this lesser known upper atmosphere.

  • Welding is Hot (14 min.)

    With: Andrew Folsom, Blue Ridge Community College

    Andrew Folsom fell in love with welding after taking classes at Blue Ridge Community College. Now, thanks to a big investment by the state of Virginia, he’s training others and the classes are packed.

  • Paperless Shipbuilding (10 min.)

    With: Jennifer Grimsley Michaeli (Old Dominion University)

    Jennifer Grimsley Michaeli  is the great-granddaughter of a man who built ships for England in the 1800’s. She says today’s three-year-olds, who are growing up on iPads, will be the ship designers and welders of the future.


Transcript coming soon!


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