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How to Save a City

Frank Shafroth, George Mason University

The first 24 hours after a city declares bankruptcy, there’s a reckoning: what gets to stay and what has to go. Shafroth walks us through what it’s like when a major city goes bankrupt and gives insight into the future of Detroit and Puerto Rico.

13 mins

Social Media and Terrorism

Lori Underwood, Christopher Newport University

While some people see social media as a waste of time, one philosopher believes that it could be our best bet to end the war on terror.

14 mins

The Growing Chinese Economy

Deborah Hewitt, College of William and Mary

Everyone in America—from consumers to businesspeople—should understand what’s happening in China. That’s the message from economist and former Reagan advisor Deborah Hewitt. She says the changes taking place in China will affect the choices Americans make in managing their businesses and households.

12 mins

Tomorrow City

Kirk Kjeldsen, Virginia Commonwealth University

In his novel Tomorrow City, Kjeldsen tells the story of an ex-con who is trying to reinvent himself in a new place. The backdrop for the story is Shanghai, a city that has perhaps reinvented itself more than any other city in history. Kjeldsen recently moved to Shanghai, a city he describes as “more American than America.”

11 mins

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