Aired: January 2, 2016

How the Bard Meant It

  • The Quest for OP (8 min.)

    With: Daniel Fromson

    The modern-day story of a man who set sail for an island on which it’s rumored Original Shakespearean Pronunciation still exists.

  • Punny OP (12 min.)

    With: David Crystal

    A linguist and author explains and demonstrates Original Pronunciation, or OP, the accent with which actors in Shakespeare’s day would have spoken their lines.

  • What the Words Meant (8 min.)

    With: Paul D’Andrea (George Mason University)

    D’Andrea shares what he’s learned through years of trying to pull the big ideas out of Shakespeare’s plays. D’Andrea was named Outstanding Faculty of 2015 by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

  • Mentored by John Grisham (12 min.)

    With: Tony Vanderwarker

    With seven unpublished novels wasting away on his hard drive, Vanderwarker was astonished when a world-renowned author offered to mentor him on the art of thriller writing.

  • The Stargazer’s Sister (11 min.)

    With: Carrie Brown (Hollins University)

    The author of the novel The Stargazer’s Sister tells the story of two remarkable sibling astronomers whose work led to the discovery of the planet Uranus.

  • scale~1536x2048~findingshak-1446137405-100

    The Intrepid Hamilton Meadows

    Click here for “Finding Shakespeare”: the full story of the intrepid explorer Hamilton Meadows, by writer Daniel Fromson.

  • In Search of Shakespeare’s Accent

    Off the coast of Virginia, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, lies a shrinking island called Tangier. Here, a seasoned adventurer docked his sailboat, and launched his search for people who still speak in the original Shakespearean accent. Lilia Fuquen has the story.


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