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Let the Work I’ve Done Speak For Me

Chef Ralph Brown (RBC Institute)

Chef Ralph Brown’s parents fed the neighborhood for years. Now, he’s keeping that tradition going.

5 mins

How Hot is Your Honey?

Jim Kaste (William & Mary)

Fifty years after the last atmospheric nuclear tests on American soil, radioactive elements remain in our food supply. Jim Kaste says the honey is especially hot.

13 mins

Growing Up

Mike Evans (Virginia Tech)

There are many threats to our food supply. Mike Evans is working with farmers to grow vertically indoors.

9 mins

We the Wasteful

Kashef Majid (University of Mary Washington)

Kashef Majid says that food insecurity is a problem we can solve, simply by reducing food waste.

12 mins

More Fish in the Sea

Reza Ovissipour (Virginia Tech)

What if you could have fresh fish without a single fish leaving the ocean? Well hold on to your forks. Reza Ovissipour and his colleagues are working to cultivate meat in their Hampton, Virginia laboratory. 

12 mins

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