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Poke Bags for Christmas

Ricky Mullins (University of Virginia at Wise)

As we age, we come to appreciate the holiday traditions of our youth. Ricky Mullins remembers receiving treat bags at his small, backroads church. The poke bags were stuffed oranges, peanuts, cracker jacks and sometimes even a chocolate bar. Now, he’s passing the tradition along to the youth at the church that he pastors.

15 mins

Sacred Jazz

Gayle Murchison (William and Mary)

Mary Lou Williams was a renowned jazz pianist and composer. She brought sacred Black jazz music to Duke University’s chapel every year. Gayle Murchison shares some of Williams’ music with us.

13 mins

Food as Communication

Ryan Stouffer (Longwood University)

How Ryan Stouffer learned the value of fellowshipping over food from his dad’s rib spot.

12 mins

New Traditions

Mary Beth Matthews (Mary Washington)

Mary Beth Matthews walks us through how the American traditions of Hanukkah and Christmas have changed over the years.

12 mins

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