Aired: December 5, 2015

Health in the Heart and Mind

  • Genetic Screening for the Heart (12 min.)

    With: Matthew Thomas and Matthew Wolf (University of Virginia Health System)

    Through genetic screening, a heart clinic is able to assess a patient’s risk of inherited heart conditions that lead to sudden cardiac death.

  • Carry This Grief (11 min.)

    With: Lisa Ellison

    At age 20, Ellison’s brother committed an awful crime and then took his own life. Ellison is now an advocate for suicide prevention and mental health counselor.

  • Picturing Depression (5 min.)

    With: Pearl Chiu (Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute)

    Depression affects almost 15 million American adults, yet doctors still don’t know much about how it works. New research shows that it may be possible to make a personalized diagnosis of depression through images of the brain. Our guest Pearl Chiu is an assistant professor of psychology at Virginia Tech who conducts her research at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute in Roanoke.

  • Combating HIV in African American Populations (10 min.)

    With: John Fife (Virginia State University)

    HIV infections are rising among a surprising segment of the population–African Americans over the age of 50. Fife is working to combat this disturbing trend.

  • Help Me See (Getting Better Global Vision) (12 min.)

    With: Glenn Strauss (HelpMeSee)

    Millions of people in developing countries go blind due to cataracts because there aren’t enough surgeons trained in the five-minute procedure to remove them. Strauss is designing a simulator that will train 30,000 specialists who could give millions the life-changing operation.

  • Genetic Screening of the Heart

    These days, you can buy a home DNA kit for just $99. Advances in genetic testing are allowing medical professionals to evaluate individual patients and tailor their treatment. Lilia Fuquen reports that there’s a cutting edge clinic in Virginia using genetic testing to see if patients carry hereditary heart disease.

  • Toward Global Vision

    Watch Help Me See help those with cataracts see again.


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