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Monetizing the Newspaper

Betsy Edwards (Virginia Press Association)

Think you don’t get your news from the paper anymore? Think again. Betsy Edwards says that every big thing that’s ever happened in this country was unearthed by a newspaper reporter. And still is. Now the key is figuring out how to monetize that.

16 mins

Newspaper Networks

Katrice Hardy (Greenville News/Indianapolis Star)

Katrice Hardy busts the myth that corporate takeovers are bad for local papers. Working with Gannett, she’s seen small newsrooms gain resources they wouldn’t otherwise have. And she finds success in community involvement. 

12 mins

Is Objectivity a Lost Cause?

Lewis Raven Wallace

In 2017, Lewis Raven Wallace was fired from his job as a reporter at American Public Media’s Marketplace. Ever since, he’s been questioning the role of objectivity in journalism.

13 mins

Non-Profits to the Rescue!

Chris Tyree (Virginia Center of Investigative Journalism)

With newspapers shuttering, investigative journalism is endangered. Chris Tyree  says non-profit news organizations like his own are picking up the slack.

11 mins

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