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Is That Legal?!

Margaret Foster Riley (University of Virginia Law)

More and more employers and schools are rolling out vaccine mandates, leaving many wondering: is that legal? Margaret Foster Riley says that actually, yes, it’s very legal.

15 mins

Immunotherapies For Pediatric Cancer

Dr. Daniel “Trey” Lee (University of Virginia)

Cancer is a beast, and it doesn’t discriminate. For decades researchers have been trying to treat and cure children with cancer. Dr. Daniel “Trey” Lee is working with a team to develop more immunotherapies for pediatric cancer, reducing the pain and hopefully sending more patients into remission.

13 mins

The Second Brain

Jasmohan Bajaj (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Do you have trouble trusting your gut? It may be because of what you’re eating, or not eating. Jasmohan Bajaj says our gut is our second brain, and we can help ourselves by helping our gut.

10 mins

Keeping The Machine Well Oiled 

Jennifer Munson (Virginia Tech)

How oil wells in Louisiana gave Jennifer Munson a new perspective on how to treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimers.

14 mins

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