Airing: February 21, 2020

Coming Up: Gun Sense

Student survivors of school shootings have made their voices heard, loud and clear. But the teacher’s perspective of school shootings is less common. Megan Doney (New River Community College) is an English professor turned gun control activist who writes about her traumatic experience. Plus: Research suggests that a police strategy called “community policing” benefits those with mental illness. Charlotte Gill (George Mason University) rides along with a police officer and catches a surprisingly warm encounter. 

Later in the show: Hunting for evidence at a crime scene? Try E. coli. Biology professor Amorette Barber (Longwood University) is a 2020 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award recipient. She and analytical chemist Sarah Porter (Longwood University) are using bacteria to detect gunshot residue. And they get their students in on the action. Plus: Philip Mongan (Radford University) on predicting which students will become school shooters. 



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