Aired: May 24, 2019


Moving boxes packed up. Image credit: Nicolas Huk / Flickr. Licensed by CC by 2.0.

  • Emptying a Home (19 min.)

    With: Marietta McCarty (Piedmont Virginia Community College)

    In addition to our grief at the loss of parents, we’re often also faced with so much stuff. Marietta McCarty wrote a loving memoir about the daunting task of emptying her beloved family home in Leaving 1203: Emptying a Home, Filling the Heart.

  • Eulogy (9 min.)

    With: Jahan Ramazani (University of Virginia)

    When parents die, we face powerful emotions, rituals, and tasks, including the eulogy. Listen as poet Jahan Ramazani pays tribute at the 2016 memorial service to his father.

  • There's No Playbook for Death (13 min.)

    With: Brian Henderson (Patrick Henry Community College)

    Two years ago, while Brian Henderson was coaching women’s basketball, he experienced the tragic deaths of a player and a fellow coach. How does one grieve while also helping others cope with their grief? Henderson explores this question in his book, There’s No Playbook for Death: Recovering from a Loss.

  • Foster Care in Appalachia (11 min.)

    With: Wendy Welch (University of Virginia's College at Wise)

    Wendy Welch asked more than 60 social workers, parents, and children who have gone through foster care what it’s like. Their stories show the desperation, frustration, compassion, and hope of foster families in the Appalachian coalfields. Her book is Fall Or Fly: The Strangely Hopeful Story of Foster Care and Adoption in Appalachia.



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