Aired: July 25, 2015

Grandparents Who Parent

In this hour, we talk about the ways people support each other, and the meaning it can have for the supported—from parenting to mentoring to talking through traumatic experiences.


  • Grandparents Who Parent (13 min.)

    With: Megan Dolbin-MacNab, Virginia Tech

    Although grandparents have always been involved in the care of their grandchildren, a growing number of grandparents are now responsible for raising their grandchildren. We visit the home of a parenting grandparent and speak with an expert about the needs and experiences of this growing family form.

  • Great Expectations (9 min.)

    With: Sarah Groom, Piedmont Virginia Community College

    In this segment we look at a program that helps foster youth make the transition into college, and we hear from those students about their experiences.

  • Mentoring Under Mentoring (6 min.)

    With: Dr. Aswini Pradhan

    Dr. Aswini Pradhan is a leading scientist in the field of nanotechnology and has done pioneering research in India, Japan, and England. In this segment, we visit Dr. Pradhan’s lab, where for more than a decade, he’s been mentoring primarily underrepresented minority students who go on to have high-tech careers in fields like renewable energy and medicine.

  • Talking After the Trauma (11 min.)

    With: Fred Bemak and Rita Chi-Ying Chung, George Mason University

    Getting people to talk about their trauma is an essential part of healing. We talk with the creators of Counselors Without Borders, who used talk therapy in their relief work following disasters in Thailand, Myanmar, Haiti, and New Orleans.

  • Widowhood and Resilience (5 min.)

    With: Jim Wade, Virginia Commonwealth University

    A new study finds that widows and widowers experience less emotional and physical pain than their married, divorced, or single counterparts.

  • Biracial Teens and Identity (6 min.)

    With: Kristen Nugent Longwood University

    In this segment, we talk with an expert about the experience of growing up biracial.