Aired: November 30, 2018

Got Me Hypnotized

Painting of a woman getting hypnotized by a man. Photo of painting "Hypnotic séance" by Richard Bergh. Source: Szilas / wikimedia. PD-US.

  • Get Me Hypnotized (18 min.)

    With: Emily Ogden’s (University of Virginia)

    From the 1830s to the Civil War, Americans could be found putting each other into trances for fun and profit in parlors, on stage, and in medical consulting rooms. Emily Ogden’s new book is “Credulity: A Cultural History of U.S. Mesmerism.”

  • Snoozing Under the Sea (10 min.)

    With: Jeff Dyche (James Madison University)

    Until recently, submariners lived 18 hour days instead of 24 hour days–and they were getting sick because of it. Jeff Dyche says that when we mess with the 24 hour clock, there are all kinds of bad side effects.

  • Measuring Mindfulness (11 min.)

    With: Daniel Hirshberg (University of Mary Washington)

    Daniel Hirshberg explores the subconscious with his Contemplative Studies students by wiring meditating students up to brain-imaging headsets.

  • Religious Love in India (13 min.)

    With: Graham Schweig (Christopher Newport University)

    Graham Schweig has been practicing meditation for more than 50 years. He says “deepening the heart” is the real aim of many of India’s yoga traditions.



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