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Goodbye My Tribe

Vic Sizemore (Central Virginia Community College)

Vic Sizemore was an evangelical for much of his life – until he wasn’t. His book, Goodbye My Tribe: An Evangelical Exodus, chronicles his journey away from fundamentalist religion.

14 mins

The Evangelical Left

David Kirkpatrick (James Madison University)

We’ve all heard about the Evangelical Right, but what about the lesser-known Evangelical Left? David Kirkpatrick traces the Latin American roots of the Evangelical Left movement.

14 mins

Reset Button

David Salomon (Christopher Newport University)

The pandemic has been an exceptionally hopeless time for many. David Salomon looks to religion and art for guidance.

15 mins

Digital Evangelism

Sean Connable (Christopher Newport University)

Evangelical America is changing. Sean Connable tracks online masses and hologram preachers to study how digital culture is changing the politics of faith.

9 mins

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