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Good to Great

Jim Collins

Best-selling business writer Jim Collins believes the special factors that lie at the heart of rare and truly great businesses are the same factors that make for the most successful organizations in the non-profit world—talented directors skilled at recruiting excellent staff who work for more than just their salary. Whether it is the best of the nation’s corporate giants, an elite symphony orchestra, or an inner city school with a record of excellence, Collins’ research team found the most effective leaders are humble rather than charismatic and most came from within the organization itself.

28 mins

Spiritual but not Religious

Matthew Hedstrom (University of Virginia)

“Spiritual but not Religious” is an increasingly popular tagline for the millennial generation – aged 18 to 34. Matthew Hedstrom believes consumer capitalism is responsible for this. His research suggests the millennial approach to spirituality is more about choosing and consuming different “religious products” – meditation, prayer, yoga, a belief in heaven – rather than participating in one organized religion.

15 mins

Saving the Bees

Lisa Horth (Old Dominion University)

The catastrophic decline of the bee population is a significant danger to our food supply. Lisa Horth and her team think a new insect, called mason bees, might step in to help out.

9 mins

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