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Pulling it Together

Dr. Amy Mathers (University of Virginia) and Dr. Melinda Poulter (University of Virginia)

With coronavirus cases multiplying, COVID-19 test kits were scarce and hospitals were frantic. Two doctors, Dr. Amy Mathers and Dr. Melinda Poulter decided to make their own tests and shared thousands of them with medical centers across the nation.

17 mins

The Internet is Flat

Jeanine Guidry (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Like most users, Jeanine Guidry clicked through Pinterest for gardening tips and decorating ideas. But she also found a surprising abundance of vaccine conspiracy theories. Guidry studied the social media platform’s role in the anti-vaccination movement, and now she’s looking at the spread of COVID-19 misinformation online.

11 mins

The Human Ecosystem

Thomas Platts-Mills (University of Virginia)

Fifteen years ago, if you complained of a new meat allergy, the doctor might not have taken you seriously. Thanks in large part to the work of Thomas Platts-Mills,we now know a sudden meat allergy is real and it’s caused by tick bites. And there may be a link between the allergy and heart disease.

13 mins

Bioengineering the Future

Jesse Kirkpatrick (George Mason University)

CRISPR gene-editing technology might inspire fears of bioengineering superhumans, but realistically it can do a lot more with non-human animals. Philosopher Jesse Kirkpatrick is less worried about human gene editing and more interested in how CRISPR technology can be used to enhance—or harm—the environment around us.

11 mins

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