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Drive-In Drag

Michael-Birch Pierce (Virginia Commonwealth University)

When theatres, clubs, and bars shuttered their doors back in March, Michael-Birch Pierce and their fellow drag queens took to the streets – literally.

4 mins

The Magic of Celluloid

Francis Tanglao Aguas (William & Mary)

After growing up in the Philippines, Francis Tanglao Aguas realized that he’d spent a lot of time on colonized soil. That’s why he founded Aguas Arts Ink, a digital theatre collective dedicated to decolonizing the body and mind.

12 mins

Dance Sci-Fi

Scotty Hardwig (Virginia Tech)

How do you dance in a space that technically doesn’t exist? Dancer and choreographer Scotty Hardwig answers this riddle using motion-sensing technology, creating what he calls “Dance Sci-fi.” 

12 mins

Meet Me in Fluvanna

Joshua Rashon Streeter (James Madison University) and Jessica Harris (Empowered Players)

Every year high schools put on “The Wizard of Oz” and every year someone gets stuck playing Aunt Em. Joshua Rashon Streeter and Jessica Harris make a case for going beyond the canon with youth theatre, and why kids should play kids.

9 mins

This is SO Not a PBS Special

Brittney Harris (Old Dominion University)

Fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste and/or smell… we know the symptoms by heart. Still, almost a year into the pandemic, there are certain things a COVID test can’t detect. In her play Symptomatic: IRL, Brittney Harris explores the more abstract side effects of the virus.

15 mins

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