Aired: January 5, 2018

Getting To Know the Presidents

Mount Rushmore. Image credit: Mike Tigas / Flickr. Licensed by CC by 2.0.

  • 10 Ways to Judge a President (11 min.)

    With: Bill Antholis and Barbara Perry (University of Virginia)

    At the end of President Trump’s first year in office, Bill Antholis and Barbara Perry take a look at how it compares to other presidential first years.

  • Presidential Prose (9 min.)

    With: Colin Rafferty (University of Mary Washington)

    Writer Colin Rafferty read a biography of every single president—and then wrote his own essays in response to their lives.

  • Four Score and Many More (7 min.)

    With: Rebecca Brannon (James Madison University)

    The first presidents lived long lives for that era, with most of them living into their 80’s or even 90’s. Rebecca Brannon says that they may have been mistaken in the expectation that they would be given respect after office, based on their longevity and lifetime experiences.

  • Founders Online (24 min.)

    With: Sue Purdue (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities) and Kathleen Williams

    Sue Purdue and Kathleen Williams describe the scope of the remarkable project of the National Archives called Founders Online. Plus, some of the proofreaders who spent three years immersed in the handwriting of the founding fathers came away with a very intimate understanding of those who shaped our country.



1 Comment on “Getting To Know the Presidents”

  1. Judith Claire

    What a wonderful program to listen to on a cold morning in Washington, D.C. I am trying hard to find something hopeful about President Trump. I think of him as President Trumpet. If only someone could be found in the White House or in Florida to introduce the letters of Jefferson and Adams to Mr. Trump. His grandchildren ?

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