Aired: March 31, 2017

Get Rhythm

  • One Turn Around the Sun (17 min.)

    With: Tim Seibels (Old Dominion University)

    One Turn Around the Sun is the new anthology of poems by Virginia Poet Laureate Tim Seibles.   The collection includes a tribute and farewell to his elderly parents and attempts to define the first appearances of the twilight of life.

  • A Musical Holy Grail (11 min.)

    With: Kevin Bartram (University of Mary Washington)

    A musical Indiana Jones is pursuing the Holy Grail of American symphonic music: long-lost works by master composers that are housed in the Library of Congress. Kevin Bartram is finding gems that are not only unknown to the public, but have possibly never been heard.

  • Finding Bix (13 min.)

    With: Brendan Wolfe (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities)

    Bix Beiderbecke was one of the first great legends of jazz, but his recording career lasted just six years. A new book by Brendan Wolfe, Finding Bix: The Life and Afterlife of a Jazz Legend, connects Beiderbecke’s music, history, and legend.

  • The Mighty Ukelele (11 min.)

    With: Jacqueline Secoy (Longwood University)

    The humble ukulele, with its roots in Hawaii, is seeing a resurgence. Many of today’s top musicians are incorporating the ukulele in their recordings. Jacqueline Secoy is a master of all things ukulele, and uses the instrument as a teaching tool for musical education.