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Race and Sexuality at the Thanksgiving Table

April Few-Demo (Virginia Tech)

April Few-Demo studies how queer families of color, especially Black lesbians, navigate biological and chosen family. She says that dialogue about identity and acceptance might happen in subtle ways during the holidays.

11 mins

Holidays in an Age of Income Inequality

Shannon Davis (George Mason University)

Shannon Davis  argues that we should remember those families who can’t get together during the holidays at all, because time off work is too high a price to pay. 

10 mins

The Life and Death of Friendsgiving

Laura Heston (Oxford University Press)

Laura Heston shares how they and their LGBTQ chosen family celebrate a “Friendsgiving,” complete with drama and drag.

7 mins

Shakespeare’s Queer Families

Alicia Andrzejewski (William and Mary)

Some scholars argue that what we call non-traditional families aren’t so non-traditional after all. Alicia Andrzejewski has found chosen families and alternative bonds throughout the works of William Shakespeare.

13 mins

“Our Purpose In Life Is To Love”

Rosalyn Durham (Norfolk State)

Before she became an instructor, Rosalyn Durham was a social worker helping families in crisis. She shares her strategies for supporting families experiencing trauma, including how families can stay connected when a child is placed into foster care. 

11 mins

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