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African Americans in the Armed Forces

James Westheider, Samuel Black, Michael Flournoy, Ronal Bassham, Christopher Moore

The army that served in Vietnam was one of the most racially diverse America had ever fielded. But though the U.S. military was highly integrated, the charged racial politics of the home front often seeped onto the battlefield. Through personal narratives and expert comment, we explore what it meant to be a person of color fighting in the American forces.

27 mins

Indigenous Experiences of War

Herman Viola, Harvey Pratt, Carlos Messer, Rong Nay, Larry Murley, Sun H. 

For the indigenous peoples of America and Vietnam, participation in the Vietnam War was often complicated. In the highlands of Vietnam, the indigenous Degas or Montagnards fought alongside American soldiers, but were abandoned when the war ended. Plus, we hear the testimony of a Native American veteran who fought for the U.S. on foreign soil.

24 mins

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