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Just Friends

Cassandra Good (University of Mary Washington)

Countless chick flicks, novels, and even self-help books have wondered: can men and women be just friends? Cassandra Good argues that, in fact, American men and women have maintained close friendships since our country’s founding.

15 mins

Well Intended

Jennifer Mease (James Madison University)

Most of us don’t intend to be sexist or racist, and yet sometimes we find ourselves in the wrong. Jennifer Mease asks the question, “When it comes to racism or sexism, why aren’t good intentions enough?”

11 mins

Beyond Happy

Beth Cabrera (George Mason University)

Many people struggle to find balance between work, family, and self-care. Beth Cabrera interviewed more than a thousand women about how they find a happy balance.

14 mins

The Depression Gene

Kenneth Kendler (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Researchers have found specific genetic markers in a population of Chinese Han women that predispose them to the risk for clinical depression. Kenneth Kendler was part of the team that made the breakthrough.

9 mins

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