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Food for Thought

Marcus Weaver-Hightower (Virginia Tech)

We all remember what it was like entering the social battleground known as the school cafeteria. Aside from the usual cliques, there were two types of students: those who brought their lunch and those who bought their lunch. Marcus Weaver-Hightower says public schools should offer free lunches to all students.

11 mins

The Cost of Early Childhood Care

Christine Schull (Northern Virginia Community College)

Being a new parent is hard work and it’s also super expensive. Christine Schull says a year of toddler or infant care can cost more than a year of tuition at a public university. Christine’s been named an outstanding faculty member by The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

8 mins

Student Wellbeing

Leandra Parris (William & Mary)

The pandemic turned students’ worlds upside-down. Rates of anxiety and depression have jumped, especially among students of marginalized identities. But Leandra Parris says there aren’t enough mental health resources in the K-12 school system to meet the surging demand.

9 mins

The STREAM Initiative

Kristina Peck (University of Mary Washington) and Kevin Good (University of Mary Washington)

The college of education at the University of Mary Washington recently unveiled the STREAM Initiative – a hub for teachers and students that boasts a makerspace and an imaginarium. Kristina Peck and Kevin Good helped design the STREAM Initiative to inspire teachers and spark students’ passion.

12 mins

What’s So Critical About Thinking?

Tricia Easterling (Radford University)

With the rise of AI deepfakes and other disinformation on the internet, the ability to critically think has never been more important. Tricia Easterling has dedicated her teaching to boosting her students’ critical thinking skills.

12 mins

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