Aired: June 23, 2012

Finding Health Care in Appalachia

Access to health care is still a major challenge for many Americans, even with the recent government overhaul.  In Appalachia, access can be even more limited.  With the nearest  health specialists sometimes hundreds of miles away, many people rely on free clinics for their medical, dental, and vision needs.  Thousands travel to Wise, Virginia each year for a weekend of teeth extractions, x-rays, and more.   David Cattell-Gordon (University of Virginia’s College at Wise) is the director of the Healthy Appalachia Institute and thinks telemedicine could help connect people to treatment the rest of the year.  Also featured: Kris Conrad (Radford University), a nurse midwife instructor, says that more and more women in the United States are opting to have a midwife see them through a natural birth experience.


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