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The Unholy Trinity

Col. Jim Hentz (Virginia Military Institute)

American defense spending habits may be setting us up for failure. Col. Jim Hentz says countries like China are investing more in research and development, which may upset America’s role as the world’s only superpower.

12 mins


Marcus Holmes (William & Mary)

As our lives increasingly move online, diplomats continue to meet face-to-face. Marcus Holmes uses insights from social neuroscience to explain why heads of state prefer to look someone in the eyes, despite the expense and security risks of foreign travel.

8 mins

The Use (and Abuse) of Vice Presidents

Jack Lechelt (Northern Virginia Community College)

The role of the Vice President has changed considerably since the drafting of the Constitution. Jack Lechelt thinks Donald Trump’s White House might signal yet another shift.

9 mins

Getting Regime Change Right

Thomas Flores (George Mason University)

New research shows that when elections are forced on a country within five years of the end of a war, a new war will break out. The findings by Thomas Flores might lead to a review of regime-change practices commonplace in the world.

10 mins

Filipinos & the US Military

April Faye Manalong (Norfolk State University)

April Faye Manalong says that the concept of ‘indebtedness’ to their new home in the United States is a prime motivating factor among the Filipino community. It is also a factor in the communities’ strong ties to military service.

14 mins

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