Aired: September 27, 2019

Eyes on Glass

Close up of colorful Chihuly glass sculpture. Image credit:

  • Glass on the Brain (7 min.)

    With: Robin Rogers (Chrysler Museum of Art)

    Robin Rogers makes glass art alongside his wife Julia. He explains what makes the medium so compelling, even working its way into his dreams.

  • The Art of Glass Curation (11 min.)

    With: Jutta Page (Old Dominion University)

    Blown glass is one of the most beautiful and versatile mediums in art. Today, the art of glass blowing may involve up to date technology, but the essence of working with glass remains an ancient art. Jutta Page is an internationally acclaimed glass curator and the executive director of the Barry Art Museum at Old Dominion University.

  • To 3D or Not to 3D (10 min.)

    With: Ray Stratton (UVA Wise)

    3D printmaking gets a lot of attention these days as technology advances. But UVA Wise art professor Ray Stratton has been a 3d printmaker his entire career–and it doesn’t involve a fancy printer.

  • Sculpting Tech (13 min.)

    With: Sam Blanchard (Virginia Tech)

    Sam Blanchard (Virginia Tech) is a digital artist who uses technology to interweave everyday objects into extended metaphors of experience. He says the relationship between his art and his life flows through stages of inspiration, anticipation, and frustration.

  • The Taste of Art (11 min.)

    With: Marcia Neblett (Norfolk State University)

    Artist Marcia Neblett (Norfolk State University) talks about the physically intense process of woodblock printmaking and how she finds inspiration in fairy tales.



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