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Natural Parents

Andria Timmer (Christopher Newport University)

Parents spend a lot of time refereeing. No, you can’t have the hot fries and ice cream for dinner. Yes, please, have some more kale. Andria Timmer takes us to the dinner tables of “natural parents,” who left city life behind to bring the kids closer to their food source.

17 mins

Bound to the Fire: Enslaved Cooks’ Impact on American Cuisine

Kelley Deetz (UC Berkeley)

For decades images of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben — the “happy” enslaved cooks — adorned boxes of rice, bottles of syrup and other foods. Kelley Deetz says that this is one of the most successful and long lasting propaganda campaigns about slavery — that cooks were happy and the living was easy. 

11 mins

Forest Farming in Appalachia

John Munsell (Virginia Tech)

Everyone’s boosting their immune system as we begin a COVID-19 winter. John Munsell is helping new farmers meet the demands of the booming herbal medicine market.

13 mins

Reimagining our Food Distribution System

Will Collier (Longwood University)

Will Collier says that COVID-19 has revealed our broken food distribution system, and farmers markets could be key to improving things.

11 mins

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