Aired: May 23, 2009

Every Move You Make

everymoveEach day most of us wave to a friend or gesture in a meeting with colleagues. Dance professor Karen Studd (George Mason University) sees patterns and language in all of these acts. She calls her system for observing, describing, notating, and understanding movement “Laban Movement Analysis.” Also: Choreographer and professor Benita Brown (Virginia State University) demonstrates the elements and influences of West African dance.  And: Clarity James (Radford University) leads a troupe of students and colleagues who compose and perform opera for young children.


3 Comments on “Every Move You Make”

  1. Lucille Dyer

    Thank you for placing awareness and perception in context with personal and cultural norms. This kind of conversation is far superior to programs that make broad generalities about movement appear as “truth.” Karen Studd’s comments are thoughtful, articulate, and kind – Thank you!

  2. Lynne Bauer

    Congratulations Karen! It was wonderful to hear your explanation of the understanding of “authentic” movement is who we are but can develop with awareness!
    Maybe LMA will become a familiar term soon, we can hope
    with more on air talks like this. Thank you.

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