Aired: February 4, 2012

Equal Time: The Networks and the Civil Rights Movement

Aniko Bodroghkozy  (University of Virginia) is the author of the new book “Equal Time: Television and the Civil Rights Movement” which explores how the newly created evening news shows shaped attitudes about race relations during the Civil Rights Movement. She investigates the network news treatment of events including the 1965 Selma voting rights campaign, integration riots at the University of Mississippi, and the March on Washington.

Also featured: Stephen Alcorn (Virginia Commonwealth University) is the illustrator of the children’s book “Odetta: The Queen of Folk,” which tells the story of the legendary singer and social activist known as “the Voice of the Civil Rights Movement.” The book follows her renowned career and her influence on many of the most important singers of the folk revival of the 1960s.


1 Comment on “Equal Time: The Networks and the Civil Rights Movement”

  1. Professor Daniel Polak

    As a Sociologist teaching Cultural Diversity in American Society, I find Professor Alcorn’s interview to be of great value to those who value an interdisciplinary approach to higher learning. His work is of use to educators at all levels and in many fields. My thanks for an insightful interview.

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