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Another Selfie

Miriam Liss (University of Mary Washington) and Mindy Erchull (University of Mary Washington)

More and more often, celebrities are home-grown in front of a ring light and iPhone. As viewers keep scrolling past these insta-celebs, they’re starting to see themselves differently. Miriam Liss and Mindy Erchull say we compare ourselves to what we see despite knowing all that glitters isn’t gold.

16 mins

The Rise of Governor Twitter

John Brummette (Radford University)

Have you been running to Twitter to cope with the crazy news cycle over the past year? John Brummette says it’s a common coping mechanism.

12 mins

The First Celebrity You’ve Never Heard Of 

Carolyn Eastman (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Long before social media, there was cancel culture. Carolyn Eastman reminds us of Mr. O, the first “cancelled” celebrity you’ve probably never heard of.

11 mins

It’s An Insider

Matthew Turner (Radford University)

Matthew Turner says that all comedy is an inside joke, but some jokes span generations.

13 mins

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