Aired: December 27, 2019

Enter the Subconscious

An individual meditates in a field with trees.

An individual meditates in a field with trees. Sebastien Wiertz / flickr. Licensed by CC by 2.0.

  • The Illusion of Control (7 min.)

    With: Peter Vishton (William & Mary)

    Religious scholars, neuroscientists, and psychoanalysts agree – there is a deep reservoir of activity beneath our conscious minds. Peter Vishton shares how the unconscious mind may be making decisions for us, too quick for our conscious mind to realize.

  • Measuring Mindfulness (10 min.)

    With: Daniel Hirshberg (University of Mary Washington)

    Daniel Hirshberg explores the subconscious with his Contemplative Studies students by wiring meditating students up to brain-imaging headsets.

  • Religious Love in India (11 min.)

    With: Graham Schweig (Christopher Newport University)

    Graham Schweig has been practicing meditation for more than 50 years. He says “deepening the heart” is the real aim of many of India’s yoga traditions.

  • Finding Balance (13 min.)

    With: Beth Cabrera (George Mason University)

    Listen to what more than a thousand women have to say about finding balance between work, family, and self-care. Beth Cabrera shares what she learned through interviews with women seeking a happy balance.

  • A "Gene for Depression" (11 min.)

    With: Kenneth Kendler (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    Researchers have found specific genetic markers in a population of Chinese Han women that predispose them to the risk for clinical depression. Kenneth Kendler was part of the team that made the breakthrough.