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Emoji in Court

Jeff Bellin (William & Mary)

Be warned: everything you say on Facebook can and will be used against you in a court of law! Jeff Bellin studies how courts handle digital evidence like social media posts and text messages. Bellin was named Outstanding Faculty by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

16 mins

Stopping Cybercrime

Rod Graham (Old Dominion University) and ‘Shawn Smith (Radford University)

There’s a lot of talk about cybersecurity, but what about cybercrime? What qualifies as cybercrime and what’s being done to stop it? Rod Graham and ‘Shawn Smith recently co-authored a textbook about cybercrime and they’re taking a closer look at what it’s like for these uniquely 21st century victims.

12 mins

In Robots We Trust?

James Bliss (Old Dominion University)

Robots built by Toyota will serve as guides during the 2020 Olympics in Japan. They’ll carry food, show visitors to their seats, and aid people in wheelchairs. As robots become ubiquitous, will humans trust or fear them? James Bliss is studying how people might interact with robots that act as military peacekeepers.

13 mins

Brave New Atmosphere

Scott England (Virginia Tech)

The near-Earth edge of space, where astronauts and low-orbiting spacecraft fly, is far from empty.  Scott England is part of a team that won an award for discoveries on Mars.  Now he’s leading a new NASA mission to explore this lesser known upper atmosphere.

11 mins

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