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Drugging France

Sara Black (Christopher Newport University)

In the 19th century, French doctors were finally on the cusp of treating pain. It was a new horizon in the history of medicine. Sara Black says they were experimenting with all kinds of mind-altering drugs… on themselves.

10 mins


Greg Wrenn (James Madison University)

Greg Wrenn’s journey to forgiving his parents through a psychedelic rainforest tea called ayahuasca.

10 mins

Drugs and Violence on CSI

Tracy Sohoni (Old Dominion University)

If you’ve had a cable TV subscription in the last 20 years, chances are you’ve seen at least an episode or two of Crime Scene Investigation. Tracy Sohoni looks at how CSI depicts drugs and violence over the course of its 15 seasons.

8 mins


Sabrina Laroussi (Virginia Military Institute)

Sabrina Laroussi studies books about the world of Latin American drug trafficking called narconovelas. She says this emerging genre of literature tends to glorify drug lords and downplay the brutality of drug war violence.

12 mins

Women and Addiction

Regina Brisgone (Norfolk State University)

Whether through a family member, friend, or even our own personal struggles – we’ve all been touched by addiction. But Regina Brisgone says addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all disease, women experience it differently than men.

12 mins

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