Aired: August 8, 2015

Drink Local

  • Drink Local (15 min.)

    With: Hunter Smith and Levi Duncan, Piedmont Virginia Community College and Champion Brewing Company

    In recent years, a culture has grown up around brewing beer locally and at home. The brewmasters at Champion Brewing Company say local breweries can help foster community.

  • Historic College Brewhouse (3 min.)

    With: Susan Kern, College of William & Mary

    In early America, just about everyone drank beer—even for breakfast. We go to the site of a brewhouse that once existed on the campus of one of our nation’s oldest colleges.

  • A Founder's Folly (10 min.)

    With: Ryan Smith, Virginia Commonwealth University

    We all know of Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, but few of us have heard of Robert Morris, who was also a founding father. In a new book, Ryan Smith tells the tale of this wealthy financier of the Revolution who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but ended up in financial ruin and public disgrace.

  • Extreme Nursing in Alaska (14 min.)

    With: Maria DeValpine, James Madison University

    There is an extreme shortage of nurses in “bush” Alaska, a stunningly beautiful part of the world only reachable by plane or barge. Our guest studied why nurses elect to stay in this challenging environment on the edge of the earth.

  • Service Learning in Egypt (10 min.)

    With: James Curiel, Norfolk State University

    Courses that include service learning projects can have a profound effect on college students. While teaching at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, James Curiel had his students, who were predominately from the wealthiest Egyptian families, work with impoverished families who made their living by recycling the rubbish they collected.

  • Historic Campus Beer

    In 2011, archaeologists discovered evidence of a brewpub on the campus of America’s second-oldest college. These days, students at William and Mary go OFF campus to drink, but in the colonial era, the college brewpub took care of students’ beer needs. Lilia Fuquen reports.


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