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Dragons of Inaction

Robert Gifford, University of Victoria

A psychologist explains the dragons of inaction that keep us from changing our behaviors, even if we know they’re bad for the environment.

11 mins

Effectively Communicating Climate Change

Edward Maibach, George Mason University

Maibach suggests we start conversations about climate change in unexpected places: Facebook, the doctor’s office, and the TV weather report.

12 mins

Shifting Shorelines

Christopher Hein, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

One coastal geologist says that due to climate change, east coast shorelines are shifting… fast. But, he says there may be a way we can help barrier islands preserve vital ecosystems throughout the accelerating changes.

8 mins

Consequences of Synthetic Hormones for Animals

Sara O’Brien, Radford University

Synthetic hormones are flooding the waterways, so one biologist is conducting experiments to pinpoint the source of human-made hormones and to determine the consequences of exposure to them. The canary-in-the-coal-mine for O’Brien’s research is the ubiquitous “mosquito fish”.

11 mins

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