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How To Be Good

Duncan Richter (VMI)

Duncan Richter says taking an ethics course is not necessarily transformative, but it will teach how to think through all sides of an issue and determine what resonates with you.

14 mins

Building Consensus

Steven Emmanuel (Virginia Wesleyan University)

With a lot of political discourse in the media becoming adversarial, Steven Emmanuel encourages his students to acknowledge points of disagreement and explore ways of working together to achieve common goals.


13 mins

Slo-Mo Bias

Ben Converse (University of Virginia)

Slow-motion playback is ubiquitous in the world of sports, but may be problematic when used in courts of law. Ben Converse has studied how viewing videos in slow motion can cause people to think an action is more intentional.

14 mins

The Children of Incarcerated Parents

Danielle Dallaire (College of William and Mary)

The U.S. has the highest prison population rate in the world, and it’s taking a toll on the children of incarcerated parents. Danielle Dallaire has studied how having parents in prison can stigmatize children and lead to increased risk behavior.

10 mins

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