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Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

 Deborah O’Dell (University of Mary Washington)

Does the radiation emitted by our cell phones harm us?  Deborah O’Dell recently finished a study that found cell phone radiation can cause changes to our cells.

14 mins

Sickness in the Blood

Karen Ballen (University of Virginia Health Systems)

In 2018, most people diagnosed with blood cancer can find a donor to help with their treatment. But not everyone. Karen Ballen has been working to expand the donor database and discover new ways to match donors to cancer patients.

14 mins

It’s Electric

Richard Heller (Old Dominion University)

New forms of electro-magnetic treatments are fighting deadly melanoma and show promise against other cancers. Richard Heller is a pioneer in the use of electro-gene-therapy and bio-electrics.

14 mins

Healing from the Cure

Kimberly Lane (Radford University)

There’s a whole field of cancer research devoted just to developing medications that can help ease the punch of chemotherapy side effects. Kimberly Lane and her student team are researching ways to ease the side effects of a potent chemotherapy drug used against with colon cancer.

10 mins

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