Aired: January 10, 2020

Disability Justice

A protestor in a wheelchair looks at the Capitol Building, while carrying an American Flag with the stars in the handicapped symbol. Image credit: David Sachs / SEIU/ Flickr. Licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

  • From 504 to ADAPT (17 min.)

    With: Ruth Osorio (Old Dominion University)

    In recent years, ADAPT activists have made headlines for protests that helped stop the ACA repeal. Ruth Osorio says their tactics fit into a long history of disability activism in the U.S., from the 504 occupation in 1977 to #actuallyautistic.

  • "Infirmitas" (11 min.)

    With: Julia DeLancey (University of Mary Washington)

    Julia DeLancey explains how people with different types of bodies organized and advocated for their rights hundreds of years ago, in Early Modern Italy. 

  • Disability Education (24 min.)

    With: Liz Altieri and Darren Minarik (Radford University)

    For years, children with disabilities were taught in separate classrooms or even separate institutions, keeping them away from their peers. But more recently, experts and advocates have argued that this separation is actually a form of unjust segregation. Liz Altieri and Darren Minarik explain how accessible teaching methods can keep more disabled kids in the regular classroom.



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