Aired: June 4, 2016

Medical Care from Anywhere

Credit: Jackhsiao

  • Candice's Journey (5 min.)

    With: Karen Rheuban (University of Virginia), Karen Norman (International China Concern), Roger Hill (Father)

    Miranda Bennett reports on one patient helped through telemedicine from 8000 miles away.

  • Digital Doctors (12 min.)

    With: Karen Rheuban and David Gordon (University of Virginia)

    Telemedicine may seem like a cold replacement for visits to your doctor. But Karen Rheuban and David Gordon say it’s a tool that may actually deepen the relationship between specialists and patients in rural locations and around the world.

  • Fingerprints and Diabetes (11 min.)

    With: Bjoern Ludwar (Longwood University)

    Imagine diagnosing diabetes before it has a chance to ravage the body. Bjoern Ludwar has developed a way to analyze fingerprints as early as 17 weeks after birth, and determine who is at risk for the disease that affects millions of Americans.

  • What Would You Do? (12 min.)

    With: Bill Hawk and Erica Lewis (James Madison University)

    If you swipe a stranger’s car and nobody sees, what do you do? Do you leave a note? Do you track the owner down? Bill Hawk and Erica Lewis give strategies for deciding what to do when faced with ethical dilemmas.

  • Zooplankton and the Changing Sea (11 min.)

    With: Deborah Steinberg (William and Mary Virginia Institute of Marine Science)

    Zooplankton are critical to the food chain in the ocean and to the recycling of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Deborah Steinberg says ocean warming is changing the distribution and variation of zooplankton.

  • Does the Fitbit Fit Telemedicine?

    Is this the future of medicine? Fitbit software is HIPAA-compliant and being integrated into wellness plans.





  • Candace’s Journey

    Telemedicine – once touted as medicine of the future – is here to stay and its reach is continually extending. The University of Virginia Center for Telehealth was recently renamed for one of its cofounders and its current director, Karen Rheuban. Miranda Bennett reports on one patient helped by Rheuban 8000 miles away.


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