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Detecting Terrorism

Ariel Pinto (Old Dominion University)

The consecutive terrorist attack on two mosques in Churchchrist, New Zealand was streamed live on Facebook. Within 24 hours, an AI tool was able to delete millions of copies of the footage. Ariel Pinto is working to further develop AI tools that find and delete terrorism online.

15 mins

Capture the Cybersecurity Flag

Kwabena Konadu (Northern Virginia Community College)

Kwabena Konadu says that America is on a cybersecurity spending spree because the bad guys just keep getting smarter.

13 mins

All Plugged In

Hwajung Lee (Radford University)

We’re a society of devices, and we’re all plugged in. Why Hwajung Lee shares the benefits, and why we should slow down before we plug anything else in.

13 mins

Tracking Your smart Home

Murat Kuzlu (Old Dominion University)

Increasingly, we have smart devices connected to our home. In the face of an impending energy shortage, Murat Kuzlu says the data experts gather from these smart homes shows a clear path forward to being more energy efficient.

11 mins

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