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Destroying the Soul

Diana Obeid (Christopher Newport University)

Political prisons in the Arab world are rooted in colonialism. Diana Obeid says these prisons are meant to instill fear and destroy the soul.

16 mins

Protests in Iran

Peyman Jafari (William & Mary)

In 2022, Mahsa Amini died after she was arrested by the Iranian morality police for not wearing her head scarf properly. Her death sent convulsions throughout Iran, as intense protests threatened to topple the authoritarian government. Peyman Jafari calls the protests a revolt with a revolutionary perspective.

12 mins

Yemen Proxy War

Bernie Kaussler (James Madison University)

The Yemen civil war started back in 2014. Since then, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the US have all gotten involved – triggering a long and protracted proxy war. Bernie Kaussler says the situation in Yemen is a major humanitarian disaster.

11 mins

China in the Middle East

Ariel Ahram (Virginia Tech)

Earlier this year, China brokered a truce between Saudi Arabia and Iran, two of the biggest rivals in the Middle East. Ariel Ahram says China’s emergence in the region might actually be a good thing for the US.

13 mins

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