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Resisting Integration

Brian Daugherity (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Brian Daugherity describes how white resistance to integration produced new forms of segregation.

3 mins

“Better to be white & poor…”

Derek Black (University of South Carolina)

Derek Black has brought legal action against school districts who use ability grouping to segregate students.

10 mins

Math Trauma

Jo Boaler (Stanford University)

Jo Boaler says if there’s one place we shouldn’t group students, it’s in the math classroom. Her techniques show massive benefits when students of different strengths share a common classroom.

15 mins

Discipline Disparities

Jason Okonofua (University of California-Berkeley)

Black students are disciplined more often and with greater consequences than their white peers. Jason Okonofua is working to improve teacher empathy and dramatically cut suspension rates.

16 mins

Mindful Moments

Sarah Melton (With Good Reason)

The Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore uses mindfulness training for students and teachers to reduce conflict in classrooms.

8 mins

In the third part of our special series on education, Degrees of Separation, we examine how inequality is at work in the high-stakes world of high school, from who we discipline, to the way we sort students.

This is part three of a six-part series. To view all episodes in the series, click here.

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