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Sugar Fix

Alex DiFeliceantonio (Virginia Tech)

The holiday season is about cheer, gathering with loved ones and, of course, food. Alex DiFeliceantonio warns that ultra processed foods—like the ones on your holiday snack table—are actually addictive. She wants food manufacturers to include processing information on their labels.

15 mins

Revolutionary Feasts

Troy Wiipongwii and Zach Conrad (William & Mary)

Healthy nutrition for Virginia Indian communities is about more than just the food on the table—it’s also about how that food got there. Troy Wiipongwii and Zach Conrad (William & Mary) are building software that helps Virginia Indians plan to grow their own food.

13 mins

Balance your Plate

Tracy Conder (Old Dominion University)

Tracy Conder shares some of her favorite strategies for sticking to a balanced diet, even during the holidays.

9 mins

Eat Like the Pros

Eddie Shen (University of Virginia at Wise)

If you google “Lebron James’ diet” there are hundreds of hits that come back. Same for Lionel Messi or Dak Prescott. Nutrition is just part of being a pro athlete these days. But back in the 1990s, when Eddie Shen was a pro soccer player in China, nutrition wasn’t part of his training at all.

7 mins

Fuel your Workout

Zidong Li (Christopher Newport University)

Zidong Li helps us understand the latest research on nutrition for sports and fitness.

8 mins

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